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Fondation canadienne d'allergie, d'asthme et d'immunologie

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The CAAIF Brochures

L'Anaphylaxie à l'école et dans d'autres établissements et services pour enfants
  • Allergic Rhinitis:  Managing Your Allergies
    This brochure is only available in hard copy. 
    Please contact the secretariat to obtain your free copy.

La rhinite allergique :  Maîtrisez vos allergies
Cette brochure est disponible sur demande.
Contactez le secrétariat pour une copie complémentaire.

  • Asthma Basic Booklet Series

Diagnosis (english) - Diagnostis (french)
(english) Triggers(french)
Medications (english) - Medications(french)
Kids (english) - Kids (french)

  • Breath Brochure

Breathe Poster (English)
Breathe Poster
Breathe Brochures
(English only)

  • Asthma Awareness Posters

For school Environment
Asthma signs and symptoms (English)
Asthma signs and symptoms (French)
Is your child ready for school? Phamphlet (English)
Is your child ready for school? Pamphlet (French)

Asthma Basics 123, An Action Kit for Canadian Schools (English)

Dear Parent Letter (English)

To order a hard copy of these publications, please fill out this order form and fax or mail it back. Asthma Society of Canada resources are available free of charge

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